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Work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the war – Oleksandra Vasylenko

Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Oleksandra Vasylenko spoke at an online meeting of the International Staff for Assistance to Ukrainians about how the Foreign Ministry works during martial law.

The main priority is humanitarian aid. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs promptly receives information from all executive bodies on current needs and tries to process them as quickly as possible.

Warehouses have already been set up on the Polish border to cooperate with the State Agency for Strategic Reserves of Poland. There is a team of professional logisticians and a well-established inventory system. Hubs have also been set up in all border countries and in other European countries, where cargo is collected, sorted and sent to Ukraine.

Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in close cooperation with Ukrzaliznytsia, is working on the issue of rail connections for the delivery of goods from Europe in a safer and faster way.

“Embassies are now working in several directions. The first is the systematic involvement of humanitarian aid at the level of the state, business and communities. They are working actively to ensure that Ukraine receives uninterrupted humanitarian aid. The main priority is food provision. The second priority is to provide Ukraine with fuel. The issue of ensuring the sowing campaign, in particular the replenishment of the grain fund, fertilizers, plant protection products, is being considered separately,”- said Oleksandra Vasylenko.

Ms. Oleksandra also called on the members of the Headquarters to continue explanatory work on the topics: “Purchasing the Russian fuel = financing the war”, “If Ukraine survives, Europe will survive”, we have to negotiate so that Ukraine becomes first on the list for receiving fuel supply and humanitarian assistance.