The International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians have representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (UCCI), including the President of the Chamber, Gennadiy Chizhikov and the coordinator of humanitarian aid, Anna Lyubima.

“The UCCI understands its role in such situations. We can do many things, we can sell, export, hold big events, but in such times it is very important for us to unite everyone: our partners from abroad, our regional chambers to be in use for those who require aid”- said Gennadiy Chizhikov at the general meeting of our Headquarters.

Mr. Gennadiy shared the changes in the work of the CCI, for instance, told us how the Chamber consolidates international business to provide assistance for Ukraine during the war, how it supports entrepreneurs.

Thus it was the first time when the CCI took an unprecedented step: a general official letter of the CCI of Ukraine concerning the force majeure (extraordinary circumstances) was posted on the official website. It can be used by anyone concerned.

Gennadiy Chizhikov stated: “War is force majeure. Any entrepreneur can download a letter with my signature on the site, which confirms that the current circumstances are force majeure. However, I urge all entrepreneurs not to wait for the moment of need, but to inform their partners in Ukraine and abroad about the current business difficulties in advance.”

We express our gratitude to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and its representatives, who help our Headquarters and all Ukrainians in turbulent times. Together we will win!