To officially apply for asylum in Sweden, you need to register with the Migration Service. If you do not have a biometric passport or visa, you need to register as soon as possible. If you have a biometric passport, you obviously can stay in the country for 90 days on a tourist basis.

  • Address of the Migration Service in Stockholm: Stockholm, Sturegatan 15, Sundbyberg.
  • Addresses in other cities are listed on the website of the migration service.

Interpreters are provided free of charge at the migration service. You will be asked standard questions about your origin and the reason why do you need asylum. This is the video of the interview in English.

If you do not have a place to stay, you have the right to request accomodation aid. In this case, you will be settled in a vacant place, but you can NOT choose the city or region of Sweden. You must respect the conditions provided and your neighbors. It is very important to be polite and courteous. Remember, it influences the desire of Swedes to help us in the future. Let’s show them that Ukrainians have dignity. Details about living in English.

In addition, you can stay with friends or find a place yourself. If you need financial support, you will be asked how much money you have at the moment. The amount depends on whether Sweden will provide you with food or will not.

The rooms, where meals are included, have a daily fee:

  • 24 Swedish krona (SEK) per day per adult who is single
  • SEK 19 per day for each adult who shares the household expenses
  • SEK 12 per day for children under aged 17 years or under.
  • The rooms, where meals are not included, have a daily fee:
  • 71 SEK per day per adult who is single
  • SEK 61 per day for each adult who shares the household expenses.
  • 37 SEK per day for children aged 0-3.
  • SEK 43 per day for children aged 4-10.
  • SEK 50 per day for children aged 11-17.

You can work from Sweden if you meet the following conditions:

  • You provide proper identity papers or in some other way help to prove your identity.
  • Your application is to be considered in Sweden.
  • There are solid reasons for your application for asylum.

As an asylum seeker, you have a right to receive shareware medical care, including emergency dental care. Details in English.

You will receive the status of an asylum seeker in Sweden. Currently, decisions on granting refugee status have not yet been made, and in normal circumstances it takes time to consider. But you will receive all the support mentioned in the article during the procedure of obtaining the status.

Remember that you must state that you are going to Sweden while crossing the border of Poland or Hungary, if you to receive asylum there.