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The situation in Ukraine on March 17, 2022

General description of the situation. Russia launched a war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022 (22nd day of the war). They began with a rocket-bomb attack on 17 Ukrainian cities, first on military infrastructure and now on civilian infrastructure.

Today, March 17, the twenty-second day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion has begun.

There have been no significant changes in Russia’s military operations over the past 24 hours. During the day, Ukrainian defenders destroyed the command post and support units of the 35th All-Military Army of the Eastern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In addition, for the previous day, anti-aircraft missile forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed ten enemy air targets.

The enemy, unsuccessful in conducting a ground operation, continues to launch missile and bomb strikes on the infrastructure and densely populated areas of Ukrainian cities. At night, strikes were carried out on Kyiv, Kharkiv and Sarny, Rivne region.

The Russian occupiers continue to act insidiously in the information space – carrying out cyber attacks, physically destroying repeaters of television and radio signals, continuing a mass information campaign to discredit the top military and political leadership of Ukraine and the Armed Forces.

The occupying forces continue to suffer losses. They have big problems with the staffing of combat units and support units. The enemy’s personnel were demoralized, which led to an increase in the number of desertions and the refusal of servicemen of the armed forces of the Russian Federation to take part in the war on the territory of Ukraine.

Acting head of Energoatom Petro Kotin said that the Russians had failed to seize the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

Losses of military personnel and military equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

  • Military personnel – about 13,800 people,
  • tanks – 430 units,
  • armored combat vehicles – 1375 units,
  • artillery systems – 190 units,
  • means of air defense – 43 units,
  • aircraft – 84 units,
  • helicopters – 108 units,
  • ships / boats – 3 units,

During the past 24hrs, Ukrainian defenders destroyed almost 400 units of military equipment of the Russian occupiers.

In the Odessa region, the anti-aircraft missile unit of the Air Command “South” destroyed two aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Another enemy Su-type plane was shot down by Chernihiv defenders. It is known that he fired missiles around the city.

In the Nikolaev area the Russian combat helicopter Ka-52 is brought down.

The Ukrainian army eliminated the following Russian main servicemen:

Major General Tushayev Magomed; Major General Vitaly Gerasimov; Major General Andriy Kolesnikov; Colonel Zakharov Andrew;

Colonel Porohnya Serhiy;

Colonel Nikolaev Igor (commander of the 252nd Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment of the Third Motorized Rifle Division, chief of the military unit 91711, stationed in Boguchar, Voronezh region of the Russian Federation);

lieutenant colonel Agarkov Yuri; lieutenant colonel Sofronov Dmitry; lieutenant colonel Ermolin Mikhail.

Ukraine has captured about a thousand Russian servicemen who are testifying.

More than 2,500 dead Russian servicemen have already been deported from Belarus to Russia. The Armed Forces have destroyed three planes and one helicopter of the Russian occupiers since the beginning of the day.

Burials of the destroyed occupiers have already taken place in more than 200 cities and villages of the Russian Federation.

Cases of resistance from the local population

In Vasylivka, Zaporizhia Oblast, young men joined small self-defense units, made “Molotov cocktails” and set fire to an armored personnel carrier. There are about 10 “200” Russians.

The Russians stormed the Bucha City Council and staged a pogrom there. They illegally captured 6 workers and volunteers. He was later released.

The occupiers abducted Skadovsk Mayor Oleksandr Yakovlev and his deputy Yuriy Palyukh. Later, residents of Skadovsk went on a peaceful rally, demanding the release of the city leadership, the occupiers used tear gas and opened fire. The mayor was later released.

In the temporarily occupied Berdyansk of the Zaporozhye region on March 16 – thousands of people went to a patriotic rally against the Russian occupation.

The mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov was released from Russian captivity. He was exchanged for 9 conscripts born in 2002-2003.

Civilian casualties

The Russian military has already killed 103 children and injured more than 100. Russian war criminals kill at least five of our children every day. This was stated by the head of the Office of the Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova. More than 500 civilians have died in Kharkiv since the start of the war. This was announced on March 16 by the Main Directorate of the SES of Ukraine in Kharkiv region. In total, the Russians inflicted more than 50 blows per day. The dismantling of the rubble near the TV tower near Rivne, where two missiles of the Russian occupiers hit, has been completed. The death toll is 21 people. In Chernihiv, in one of the neighborhoods, the Russian occupiers fired on people standing in line for bread. At least 10 people have been reported dead. Since the beginning of the war, 220 people have died in the Chernihiv region, including 6 children. On March 16, at about 4 pm, in the area of Stepnogorsk, heavy artillery of enemy forces fired on a convoy of civilians from Mariupol moving along the highway towards Zaporizhia. It is known about 5 wounded, including one child in serious condition. Russian artillery attacked the resorts of Lebedivka, Sanzheika, Zatoka and Bilenke.

The shelling damaged five buildings at the recreation center. Two people were injured. The bodies of 5 victims, 3 of them children, were found under the rubble of a shelter in Chernihiv.

Prepared by Denis Bogush, military and political expert, International Headquarters for Assistance to Ukrainians