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The situation in Ukraine 04.04.2022

Prepared by Denis Bohush, military and political expert, International Headquarters for Assistance to Ukrainians

General description of the situation. Russia launched a war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022 (40th day of the war). They began with a rocket-bomb attack on 17 Ukrainian cities, first on military infrastructure and now on civilian infrastructure.

Today, April 4, marks the fortieth day of the Ukrainian people’s heroic confrontation with the Russian military invasion.

The military-political leadership of the Russian Federation has begun measures to covertly mobilize reservists in order to bring military units to wartime states. The Command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation expects to involve approximately 60,000 people in the mobilization.

The enemy temporarily refused to carry out the task of blocking and capturing the city of Kyiv. The occupiers continue to launch missile strikes on critical infrastructure throughout Ukraine.

The situation in the Volyn direction has not changed significantly.

In the Polissya direction, the enemy completes the regrouping and preparations for the redeployment of individual units from the territory of Belarus to the Russian Federation. Some units of the airborne troops are transferred to the city of Belgorod. The occupiers carried out mass chaotic mining of previously occupied positions and nomination routes.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy continues to blockade the city of Kharkiv, inflict artillery strikes on residential neighborhoods and try to regroup troops. In the Izyum direction, the occupiers tried to resume the offensive, but were unsuccessful.

In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, the occupiers continued to focus their efforts on capturing the settlements of Rubizhne, Popasna, Troitske, Marinka, Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka, and preparing for an offensive that may begin in the near future in the direction of Severodonetsk and Velyka. With the support of aircraft and artillery, the enemy continues to storm Mariupol.

During the day, the enemy concentrated its efforts on maintaining the occupied positions in the Oleksandrivka area in the South Bug area. He is trying to fight to reach the administrative border of the Kherson region.

On April 3, Ukrainian paratroopers took control of the Pripyat district, as well as the section of Ukraine’s state border with Belarus. The Ukrainian military also liberated the settlements of Kolychivka, Yahidne, and Ivanivka in the Chernihiv region.

Oleksiy Shibayev, deputy head of the Novoslobod community in the Sumy region, and Oleksandr Medvedev, mayor of Snovsk (Chernihiv region), were released from captivity.

It is reported that the racists launched missile strikes in Ternopil, Kolomyia, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kherson, as well as Rivne and Khmelnytsky regions.

After the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ intervention in Bucha, many bodies of local residents killed by the occupiers were found. These events became widely known in the foreign media, which have

already dubbed these events “Buchanan difference.” The President of the European Council Charles Michel promises the support of the European Union in the prosecution of war crimes committed by the Russian army.

Losses of military personnel and military equipment of the RF Armed Forces

  • About 18,300 military personnel,
  • tanks – 647 units,
  • combat armored vehicles – 1844 units,
  • artillery systems – 330 units,
  • Air Defense – 54 units,
  • aircraft – 147 units,
  • helicopters – 134 units,
  • automotive equipment – 1273 units,
  • ships / boats – 7 units,

Commanders at various levels and Russian servicemen are massively refusing to take part in the war. It is noted that commanders of various levels of the 3rd Motorized Rifle Division of the 20th All-Military Army of the Western Military District and about 25 servicemen of the 31st Separate Assault Brigade from Ulyanovsk are refusing to take part in hostilities and are writing reports of dismissal.

The deputy commander of the 40th Engineer and Sapper Regiment of the Russian Federation, Major Suslov, was killed near Chernihiv. Along with him, three soldiers of the sapper unit were killed. Six others received severe shrapnel wounds.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated Lieutenant Colonel Vitaliy Sdabtsov, Deputy Commander of the Occupying 83rd ODSHB.

Cases of resistance from the local population

In the Kharkiv region, the Russian occupiers are massively poisoned by alcohol and “innkeepers” from local residents. In particular, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate, residents of the Izium district of the Kharkiv region “treated” soldiers from the 3rd Motorized Rifle Division of the Russian Federation with poisoned pies. As a result, two Russians died at once. Another 28 Russian servicemen were taken to the intensive care unit, their current condition is being clarified.

The Russian military dispersed and fired on a rally of civilians who had gathered for a rally in support of Ukraine in Energodar, Zaporizhia Oblast.

In the temporarily captured Kakhovka in the Kherson region, the Russian military used light-noise grenades against peaceful demonstrators and kicked them, and the wounded are wounded.