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The situation in Ukraine 02.04.2022

Prepared by Denis Bohush, military and political expert, International Headquarters for Assistance to Ukrainians

General description of the situation. Russia launched a war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022 (38th day of the war). They began with a rocket-bomb attack on 17 Ukrainian cities, first on military infrastructure and now on civilian infrastructure.

Today, April 2, the thirty-eighth day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion has begun.

In the Kyiv and Chernihiv directions, the enemy continues to withdraw its troops to the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

In the Kyiv direction: units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regained control over the settlements of Demydiv, Dymer, Lytvynivka, Gavrylivka, Kozarovychi, Zhovtneve, Hlybivka, Yasnohorodka, Talakun, Sukoluchchia, Lypivka, Gavronshchyna, Makovyshche, Mykolaivka, Khmivna. Today, the entire Kyiv region has been destroyed by the Russian occupiers.

In the Chernihiv direction: after the departure of the enemy, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took control of the settlements of Rudnya, Shevchenkove, Bobryk, Stara Basan, Nova Basan, Makeyevka, Pohreby, Bazhanivka, Volodymyrivka, Shnyakivka, Salne, Sofiivka, Gavrylivka. However, there is a movement of troops of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation to areas located at a short distance from the state border of Ukraine.

In the Kharkiv direction: the Russian military fired artillery, mortar and tank shells, and recorded a total of about 46 strikes per day. At the same time, the enemy is regrouping troops to resume offensive operations. Also, the enemy continues to control Izyum and maintain pontoon crossings across the Seversky Donets River in order to ensure offensive operations.

In the Luhansk direction, the enemy continues to fire and carry out assault operations, as well as air strikes on settlements. Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian defenders in the Luhansk region repulsed 7 attacks by the Russian occupiers.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy’s main efforts are focused on taking control of the settlements of Popasna and Rubizhne. Carries out fire damage and assault operations in order to establish control over the city of Mariupol. He launched offensive operations in the directions of Velyka Novosilka and Rozdolne. However, it was stopped in all directions.

The territories of Kryvyi Rih region and Dnipropetrovsk region are under the full control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but at night the city of Dnipro was shelled, missiles hit an infrastructure facility that was severely damaged. Two people were injured. Kryvyi Rih and Poltava were also shelled, and the enemy severely damaged infrastructure.

The Russian military, which occupied the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and dug trenches in the radioactive Red Forest, received a considerable dose of radiation. The first death of a Russian soldier from radiation sickness was recorded. Another 73 soldiers are in a serious condition of radiation sickness in the Belarusian hospital.

On April 1, the second prisoner exchange took place between Ukraine and Russia. As a result of the exchange of prisoners, 86 Ukrainian servicemen were released.

Losses of military personnel and military equipment of the RF Armed Forces

  • About 17,800 military personnel,
  • tanks – 631 units,
  • combat armored vehicles – 1776 units,
  • artillery systems – 317 units,
  • air defense equipment – 54 units,
  • aircraft – 143 units,
  • helicopters – 134 units,
  • automotive equipment – 1236 units,
  • ships / boats – 7 units,

Cases of resistance from the local population

In the Kherson region, enemy forces are threatening to hold a fake “referendum” on the creation of a quasi-republic. However, the regional council gave the occupiers a clear answer that Kherson region is an integral part of Ukraine.