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Republic of Northern Macedonia: report on refugees

It is possible to entry and move through the territory of North Macedonia without a passport – only providing national documents (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, birth certificate).

Entry of Ukrainian citizens is carried out without the obligatory negative result of the test for COVID-19 or the certificate of vaccination from COVID-19.

Visa-free entry.

Possibility to stay for 90 days extended to 180. Within 48 hours after entry, registration with the local police station of temporary residence is mandatory.

Citizens of Ukraine who are unable to return to Ukraine after 90 days due to the security situation must obtain a temporary residence permit for humanitarian reasons (up to one year). The residence permit is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the inspector for work with foreigners (sector for foreigners). A minimum of documents is required to issue a certificate – just a national passport.

After issuing such a certificate, citizens of Ukraine have the right to employment and social protection.

Center of the International Red Cross in North Macedonia (certificate for clothing, footwear, food and hygiene products).

A network of people who are ready to help with housing has been created. Information on free housing is available at the link:

Additional information is available at:

Embassy of Ukraine in North Macedonia:

Phone: + 38972589639


Facebook of the Head of the Ukrainian community in North Macedonia: