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Recommendations and working directions for the Ministry of Education and Science – Oleg Yeresko

Oleg Yeresko is a director general of the Directorate of preschool, extracurricular and inclusive education.

“I think that everyone knows that not only the External Evaluation Exam and the State final examination have been abolished this year (this applies to grades 4, 9, 11).”

The Russian military aggression сame on top of to the quarantine restrictions in connection with COVID-19. This decision was made in order to avoid overburdening children.

“We certainly can’t deprive our children from entering the university. Another mechanism for external independent evaluation will be proposed. At once I do not refer to the introduction of internal examinations in each university ».

There will be a nationwide selection based on school results instead: “It will be centralized and will put minimal stress on our children.”

The recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science relate to three areas:

  • Organization of educational activities

A single Ukrainian schedule has been published on the MES website since Monday. “We offer to work according to the system of the All-Ukrainian school online.” In addition, about 20 of the largest Ukrainian private educational institutions (namely distance education) have already responded to us, which also provided the opportunity to connect to them for free. “I can tell you that more than 20,000 children have already joined one of the institutions,” – said Oleg Yeresko.

The educational process will start on Monday (in those regions where it is possible). Internally displaced children can either connect to their educational institutions or use centralized platforms.

  • Psychological support

The website of the Ministry of Education and Science contains a number of materials related to children and other participants of the educational process. In addition, a lot of materials on personal safety (first aid, etc.) have been developed for the psychological unit.

  • Occupation for children

An online kindergarten and a selection of materials for early development have already been created. Since Monday, a schedule will also be published, that will include materials for out-of-school education: on Monday and Wednesday – from the National Ecological and Naturalistic Center (natural direction), on Wednesday – from the Ukrainian State Center for National Patriotic Education, Local History in Youth Tourism. Thursday-Friday are the days for creativity. Everyone will be able to find lessons for themselves throughout the day.

Children from all over the world will be able to join the classes. According to the law, non-formal education (obtained in other educational institutions) can be taken into account as a result of one’s own education. Based on this, a state standard document is issued.

In addition, the International Ukrainian School has been conducting the educational process for more than 10 years and issuing documents to Ukrainians who study abroad.