A press conference “Ratunek Ukrainy” will be conducted on March 23, 2о22 at 13:3о in the Polish Press Agency (Polska Agencja Prasowa, ul. Bracka 6/8 оо-5о2 Warszawa)

Program of the event:

1. Analysis of the current situation in Ukraine by military expert Denys Bohush.

2. International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians: Goals and Results (75 countries involved). Presented by the head of the IAHU, Hanna Krysiuk and the chiefs of headquarters, located in foreign countries: Olga Semanchakova, Slovakia; Oksana Schoorlemmer, Germany.

3. Activities of IAHU and TPU in Poland. Report from the Chief of the Headquarters in Poland – Veronika Marchuk.

4. Presentation of the virtual assistant application “Handy.ai”. Speech by Iryna Andryushchenko, co-founder of the IT company “Handy”.

5. NGO “Sustainable Development Fund” will share experience in working with medium business. 6. Award of Gratitude letters and Diplomas to partners.