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Головна Сторінка » News » Preservation of health and life is also a way to victory

Preservation of health and life is also a way to victory

Slovak endocrinologist Vasyl Semanchakov (a native Ukrainian) urges people to pay attention to the increasing risk of iodine deficiency due to the fighting near nuclear power plants. He stated this during a meeting with the head of the IAHU, Hanna Krysiuk.

People, exposed to the risk:

  • residents of the territories that have survived the Chernobyl tragedy
  • people living next to nuclear power plants
  • the military personnel, which now holds defenses near all nuclear power plants

Taking iodine supplements and drugs that improve the immune system and prevent iodine deficiency is a necessity in today’s war.

The doctor told us about the properties of Iodinelife Forte, which has an organic form of iodine (it is best absorbed by the human body and absorbed without residue). The drug does not contain harmful substances and has no side effects.

The IAHU decided to purchase food supplements with iodine and donate it as humanitarian aid to the military personnel and the affected residents of the areas near the nuclear power plants.

Currently, the International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians are working to attract funding for the delivery of the medication throughout Ukraine and also plan to deliver the first batch next week.