The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine provides data from the National Bank concerning the special account for assistance to the Army and the account of the Ministry of Social Policy for humanitarian needs.

As of March 10, more than 11.1 billion UAH has been transferred to a special account to support the Army. In particular, more than 3.2 billion UAH came from abroad.

The National Bank has the money these funds on military needs:

  • National Guard of Ukraine – 950 million UAH
  • National Police of Ukraine – 1 billion 650 million UAH
  • Ministry of Defense of Ukraine – 7 billion 171.3 million UAH
  • State Border Guard Service – 420 million UAH

Almost 170 million UAH has been transferred for humanitarian purposes.

You can help citizens who suffer from the war by transfer funds both by using bank details or a card:

Source: Telegram channel of Armed Forces of Ukraine