As a representative of the international community, Irina Papusha said that they collect large amounts of humanitarian aid: “A lot of networks are intertwined and assist one other.”

According to Irina, more than 2оо trucks carrying humanitarian aid were delivered to Ukraine with the help of an extensive network. Among the significant deliveries is Lidl, which has sent more than 45 trucks.

“Nova Poshta imports aid to Ukraine and distributes it to organizations and the public.” Food packages are issued daily in offices (especially in the regions of humanitarian crisis).

“Nova Poshta works as much as possible to provide humanitarian aid and performs its business functions of sending parcels at the same time. Ukrainians have been cut off from their homes and scattered around the world, and Nova Poshta provides them with essential commodity and food. The main efforts are aimed at helping the country, the army, territorial defense.”

Irina Papusha noted that there is a large information campaign in addition to humanitarian work. With the help of constantly updated databases, refugees are being resettled almost all over Europe, and rallies are being organized abroad.

Nova Poshta crossed the border and took more than 15о trucks across the country. There are 13 warehouses around the world: Poland, Romania, Germany, France, Italy etc.