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Information for Ukrainians who moved to Northern Macedonia because of the war.

Entry into the Republic of Northern Macedonia is visa-free for Ukrainian citizens.

Currently, the state has also abolished the requirement for a green card for Ukrainian citizens.

Anyone planning to legalize their stay in Northern Macedonia has three possible options:

1. Stay as a tourist not for 90 days, but for 180:

In order to do this, you need to register with the police within two days of entering Macedonia. Only the owner of the accommodation where you are staying (or the hotel administration) can register you. Medical treatment is covered by your insurance company if you have issued a policy before leaving, or you can pay for it here. In this case, education for children is impossible.

2. Asylum (asyl) – a program for refugees

You can apply for asylum at the border crossing point, or at the Asylum Center in Skopje at 9 Gotse Delchev Street (MTV building), or at any police station. There are several ways to acquire asylum:

A separate law on granting this refugee status to citizens of Ukraine has not been adopted, so the application for asylum is conducted on a general basis.

In order to do this, you must apply for asylum due to inability to return home. At the same time, citizens will be in the so-called Center for Asylum Seekers in the village of Vizbegovo (living rooms will be like in a dormitory), they will have a permit for free movement, but will be obliged to return to the Center for overnight stays. If they find another accommodation, you have to inform the state on your whereabouts. Those who stay at the center will be provided with free accommodation, full board, free medical treatment and a school for children. Such Ukrainians will wait for a decision on their application, and can receive medical care and work within the Center for Asylum Seekers.

After a positive decision on the application, one of the following options is possible:

1) obtaining the status of so-called “legal refugee”, which gives the opportunity to stay in Northern Macedonia for at least 3 years, the right to accommodation and residence for up to two years, the right to health care.

2) obtaining the status of a person under subsidiary protection – gives the right to stay in Northern Macedonia  for up to 1 year with the possibility of extension, the right to accommodation and residence for up to two years, social protection.

(Requests for these two cases will be considered individually)

3) obtaining temporary protection for all citizens of a certain category, in this case citizens of Ukraine who left the country because of war, this type of refugee status granting is currently the most common in European countries)

An asylum application is considered for up to 6 months and may be denied, but in this case it is possible to appeal and re-await the decision while continuing to live there while the court proceedings are ongoing.

In the case of a positive decision on the asylum application, your rights are equal to the rights of Macedonians and you can receive social assistance and employment.

3. Obtaining a temporary residence permit (ID CARD) for humanitarian reasons

You can get a temporary residence permit on the territory of the Northern Macedonia  for humanitarian reasons for up to 1 year by contacting the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Sector for Work with Foreigners (Sector for Foreigners) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Skopje – Gotse Delchev Street. 9 (MTV building, 9th floor, office 927), or by contacting the inspector of work with foreigners at police stations in other cities. In order to do this, you need a notarized application from the landlord who provides you with accommodation (the application must include all family members stay in the country with you), copies of passports of all family members who need a temporary residence permit, and the personal card of the landlord that you need to show to the migration service, where you will be photographed and you will receive an ID CARD in three weeks. Issuance of this document is free.

With the receipt of the ID CARD you get an identification number (“registration number”), that give you the right to employ. Ukrainian diplomas require nostrification, so you will be able to get a job that does not require a certain education, but after getting a job, you will receive insurance treatment and education of children at school.

Relevant Macedonian institutions are currently considering the living space they are ready to provide for our citizens. We hope to receive information on this subject in the near future.

In addition, citizens of Ukraine who entered the Northern Macedonia after February 24, 2022, are entitled to receive assistance from the local Red Cross – you need to register at the Red Cross Center at the place of residence, providing a card and coupons for free footwear and bed linen from two local companies, as well as a package of sanitary products and food. Such coupons will be issued monthly.

Please contact Alexandr Urbanovitch, Chairman of the Union of Ukrainians in the Northern Macedonia for additional information at + 38971346457