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Information for Ukrainians who live in the Czech Republic

According to official data, the Czech Republic can accept about 260,000 refugees, provided they live comfortably and eat well.

Everyone can buy an orange visa for one year upon arrival in the Czech Republic. According to which he can work or immediately join the labor exchange. Insurance is also attached to the visa and issued. The first 3 months are paid by the state, then by the employer if the person got a job.

If the number of refugees is higher, according to this figure, tent camps for refugees will be formed.

The registration period for a refugee will be extended from 3 days to 1 month. At the moment, the queue for registration can be up to 5 hours. Women with children under 1 year are allowed to pass without a queue.

Today, more than 15,000 refugees are registered in Prague.

The information was provided by the coordinator of the International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic Maria Gavrilyuk.