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Information for Ukrainians who live in Poland

Persons fleeing from the war in Ukraine do not need to register at refugee reception centers. All persons fleeing Ukraine seeking refuge in Poland need not fear that their stay in the country will be considered illegal. In the coming days, no applications should be submitted to: Office for Foreigners / Voivodeship office/ Border Guard Service at border crossing points. The same applies to Ukrainian citizens who have lived in Poland for some time, but their residence permits are no longer valid.

All persons fleeing from the war in Ukraine, who do not have a place to stay (overnight stay) in Poland can contact the reception center. There they will get access to:

  • information on staying in Poland;
  • food;
  • basic medical care;
  • a place to stay.

They will be given information on the location of their temporary accommodation. All refugees from Ukraine have access to free medical care in Poland.

Ukrainian citizens that currently live in Poland don’t need to leave the country. This applies to those, whose documents for stay and reside are no longer valid. These citizens of Ukraine should also not be afraid that their stay and residence in Poland will be considered illegal.

Up-to-date information for Ukrainian citizens in Poland is available at:

The information was provided by the coordinator of the International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians in Poland, Veronika Marchuk.