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Important information for Ukrainians who live in Hungary


All important information about crossing the border (especially important for those who do not have a biometric passport).


If you were taken to the border, it will be more convenient to cross it in Chop. There is a border crossing point at the station. Then take the train to Záhony. In Záhony you take a train to Budapest. Everything is free, you need to show your passport at the box office and say that you are from Ukraine.

Monitoring of queues at the borders, which is updated several times a day. There are volunteers from both countries to help you.


Look for options on this site –

Map of volunteers who provide free housing –

You can write a letter here, but it takes longer-

Paid housing alternative – the site Airbnb, but you can not rent an appartment for more than 1 week, prices are high.

Another paid housing alternative – the site

  • FOOD

If you need food urgently, go to the stations, where food is constantly distributed, these are the stations Keleti palyaudvar and Nyugati palyaudvar.

  • TAXI

Bolt taxi service is available in Budapest. It is convenient to use Főtaxi, which also has an application.

  • WORK

So far, there is only one such group Facebook.

And finally, the most important link, which contains all the necessary information summarized in one page concerning the humanitarian aid in Hungary. The information was provided by Ulyana Knyagynetska.