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IAHU monthly report was presented in Germany

The City Hall of Schwerin (Germany) hosted representatives of the International Staff for Assistance to Ukrainians.

This trip to Germany was held for a press conference on summing up the activities of the Headquarters during the month. The Ukrainian delegation was headed by the head of the IAHU, Hanna Krysiuk.

Patrick Dahlemann, Mayor of Schwerin, said: “We are pleased to welcome and protect Ukrainians in Germany. Persons who have been forced to leave Ukraine have the right to enter Germany without a visa. This applies to both citizens of Ukraine and persons of other nationalities who were in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and fled the country. This rule is valid throughout Germany until May 23, 2022. “

Hanna Krysiuk, the chairwoman, reported on the work of the International Staff for Assistance to Ukrainians and expressed her gratitude: “I will never stop thanking people who are ready to help others in all possible ways. Today, the Ukrainian people and the whole Ukraine needs help. We have the opportunity to see how people from all over the world are ready to give their last and best for Ukrainians who stay in Ukraine and people that were forced to leave their homes due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I’m grateful to Oksana Schoorlemmer, who agreed to become the Coordinator of the Headquarters in Germany. Thanks to Ms. Oksana’s persistence, the country is one the most active contributor of humanitarian aid. And most importantly, she does it all right from the heart with a pure desire to be helpful.

One of the next implemented agreements during the meeting will be the opening of a humanitarian hub of the IAHU in Germany with the opportunity to provide assistance to nuclear power plants.

Oksana Schoorlemmer, a member of the executive board of the German-Ukrainian “Sich” Society (Schwerin), coordinator of the International Staff for Assistance to Ukrainians, said: “When I learned about the tragedy in Ukraine on February 24, I decided to act immediately. It’s been a month since we have been organizing the transportation of humanitarian aid, helping Ukrainians find housing in Germany, providing them with food, clothing and all they need. Do we have spare time? No, because the enemy never sleeps! We’ll have a rest in our Ukraine after the victory!”

People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Maria Mezentseva, Deputy Minister of health of Ukraine, Oleksiy Yaremenko, Nuclear energy expert, Kateryna Pavlova, Board of the Headquarters and International Coordinators, Ukrainian Diaspora in Germany also have joined the online press conference.