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Humanitarian aid

In order to request humanitarian aid:

  • Fill in the FORM and get in touch with Anna Lyubima.
  • Write a letter (check the link below to get a sample)
  • Reporting upon receipt is mandatory

To provide humanitarian aid:

  • Pack the goods as needed
  • Send a REQUEST!!!!
  • Fill out the official form and send it to Anna Lyubima.
  • Prepare a cover letter from the Headquarters in order to supply the goods (ukr/eng)

Example: With this letter, the International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians confirm provided support _______. (date) ___ March 2022, a humanitarian aid weighing _______ was sent to __________________. The cargo includes ______ and so on. The goods will be distributed among medical, educational and social institutions and institutions, vulnerable groups in accordance with the distribution plan. The International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians requests assistance in recognizing the cargo as humanitarian under the accelerated procedure, and the accompanying documents of the cargo are attached.

  • After filling in all the documents, notify the responsible person at the reception point


  • Poland – Teresa Popil.
  • Slovakia – Olga Semanchikova.
  • Uzhhorod – Dmytro Kulibabin.
  • Lviv – Ihor Dulin.

If the car is heading towards the border, we will inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to provide a green corridor for crossing the border

If you need to organize logistics, we will provide you with the Coordinator for the organization of logistics: Dmytro Kulibabin and Irina Zelenina.

If you have any questions, call Anna Lyubima.