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How Moldova accepts Ukrainian refugees

According to the latest UN data, 82,762 Ukrainian refugees have moved to Moldova since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Dmytro Lekartsev, President of the National Congress of Ukrainians of Moldova and Coordinator of our Headquarters, reports that as of March 8, more than 100,000 refugees have moved to Moldova. Given that according to official data in 2020, the population of Moldova is 2.6 million, so for this country the number of refugees is very significant.

“Most Ukrainians travel to Moldova for 2-3 days. Some of them stay here. The Moldovan government has not yet limited the length of stay for refugees from Ukraine. Moldova provides free housing (places in temporary shelters for refugees), medical, legal advice, food, clothing and hygiene products if necessary” – stated Dmytro.

The mechanism for accepting refugees has already been established in Moldova. It is almost impossible to rent hotels and apartments. There is a need to create additional centers.

The National Congress of Ukrainians in Moldova and its partners have opened their own Refugee Assistance Center in Chisinau, with a focal point and two units.

  • Phone of the Center: +37378085538.
  • Address of the Center: Chisinau, Drumul Viilor Street, 38/1.

Dmytro Lekartsev also said that their Center is starting to fund humanitarian aid. Medicines and medical supplies will be donated. They are still working on concluding the necessary agreements to transfer the goods officially and safely. The first delivery is expected to Chernivtsi region by the end of this week.

“Moldova is now more united than ever. People of different nationalities, religions and political views unite to help Ukrainians, “ – said Dmytro. We express our gratitude to all the citizens of Moldova, the government and the volunteers for their invaluable assistance for Ukrainians in your country