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How does Azerbaijan support Ukrainians

Coordinator of our Headquarters in Azerbaijan, Lydia Aliyeva-Shestak has opened an operational headquarters “Help Ukraine Baku” to coordinate and provide assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainians in Baku in connection with Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

From the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the operational headquarters coordinated the evacuation of people from Ukraine to Baku. In particular, many Azerbaijanis with Ukrainian citizenship, students from Kharkiv helped people get out of hot spots, and looked for volunteers on the spot to help women with children.

The operational headquarters helps Ukrainians who are forcibly “stuck” in Baku – with accommodation, food, psychological, medical and financial assistance. Since the beginning of hostilities there were about 20 people. Currently, families from different directions are arriving, mostly with acquaintances, ethnic Azerbaijanis with Ukrainian citizenship. The headquarters can accommodate about 30 people.

Volunteers from the Help Ukraine Baku headquarters also collect humanitarian aid and donate it to Ukraine together with the Embassy of Ukraine in Azerbaijan. We have already managed to collect 3.5 tons of humanitarian aid, most of it medicines.

The headquarters raises the issue of providing a green corridor for Ukrainian citizens who are forced to seek asylum, the possibility of simplified entry and simplification of registration on the spot and the opportunity to work officially.

In addition, the operational headquarters organized and participated in the following events aimed at drawing public and government attention to the war in Ukraine:

  • Promotion for the manufacture and sale of bracelets woven from yellow and blue ribbons. The funds were donated to humanitarian aid.
  • Production of blue-yellow badges with the inscription “SupportUkraine” and distribution to activists in the city center.
  • Together with the Ukrainian diaspora of the Ukrainian Congress of Azerbaijan, together with a representative of the Azerbaijani community in Ukraine, they organized a rally in the streets of Baku in support of Ukraine with Ukrainian flags and posters calling for support for Ukraine.
  • Action near the monument to Taras Shevchenko. Ukrainians, members of the Ukrainian community in Baku, and representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Ukraine held Ukrainian flags and posters calling for support for Ukraine.
  • Participation in the exhibition-fair of masters of folk crafts in the Passage. The organization of the Ukrainian exhibition, the sales of which were transferred to the organization of volunteers from the Azerbaijani community in Ukraine, which is engaged in the evacuation of people from Ukraine.
  • Organization of the support zone “SupportUkraine” in the restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine “Solokha”. Recordings of video appeals, flash mobs on social networks in support of Ukraine.

Thank you for your support and indifference. Special words of gratitude to the coordinator of our International Staff for Assistance to Ukrainians in Azerbaijan, Lydia Aliyeva-Shestak.