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How and where to apply for temporary refugee status in France?

On March 4, 2022, the European Union launched a special “temporary protection status” for people who fled the war in Ukraine. This is a temporary protection, not a classic refugee application, which allows people to survive a military conflict while legally staying in the European Union and receiving social rights at the same time.

Who is eligible for the protection in France?

  • Citizens of Ukraine or citizens who have received refugee status in Ukraine and have been living in France until February 24, 2022, including those who legally left for France within 90 days before the start of hostilities (vacation, business trip,…),
  • family members of the above-mentioned citizens: husbands, wives, cohabitants; children, including adopted children; family members who live with them and are financially dependent on them,
  • non-citizens of Ukraine who have legally resided on its territory before February 24, 2022 and have a permanent residence, but do not have the opportunity or favorable conditions to return to the country.

How and where to apply for temporary protection?

You can request a “temporary protection status” in a simplified form in Paris at the central reception center for refugees from Ukraine “Accueil Ukraine”, at 39 Rue des Cheminots 75018 Paris.

Here are the representatives of the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) and the Prefecture (Administrative Office), who issue an interim authorization on the spot.

The documents are issued from March 8, 2022. In the near future, the prefectures of France will organize one issuance point specifically for local applications.

Procedure for applying for temporary protection

You need to have a document proving the identity and citizenship of Ukraine. On the spot, in the reception center or in the prefecture, the administration staff will check your date of arrival in France, ask you how you got here, enter your real address in France or the refugee reception point, indicate the number of your identity document , which must be presented at the same time as this temporary document, and you will be asked to sign a temporary residence permit, which is issued immediately on the spot.

What does receiving this protection involve?

  • Status: legal residence in France
  • Jobs: access to the labor market (with automatic work permit)
  • Housing: access to housing (social programs throughout France)
  • Assistance: financial assistance depending on the number of family members and income (minimum amount – 6.8 € per day per person)
  • Social assistance (adaptation and integration into French society)
  • Insurance: medical care (general health insurance policy – Protection universelle maladie (Puma)
  • Guardianship: the right to legal guardianship of accompanied minors, as well as access to education;

The amount of payment depends on the composition of the family, income and needs. If you are not provided with housing, you will receive an additional € 7.40 per day.

Today, SNCF (French Railways) provided free tickets for refugees from Ukraine, which can be purchased at any railway ticket office upon presentation of your citizenship document. The Paris transport company RATP also issues a free day ticket for public transport throughout the Paris region at the ticket offices and metro stations.

This Facebook group offers you assistance with housing in France.

The information was provided by the coordinator of the International Staff for Assistance to Ukrainians in France, Oksana Piddubna.