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Головна Сторінка » News » Gennadiy Chizhikov: “Our main goal is to support our exporters”

Gennadiy Chizhikov: “Our main goal is to support our exporters”

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry spoke about the main priorities and changes in the work.

According to Gennadiy Chizhikov, the CCI directs its efforts to provide humanitarian aid for the public and refugees. Business support “under these challenging circumstances” also remains important.

“According to various estimations, up to 75% of businesses in different regions have ceased operations.”

Gennadiy Chizhikov noted: “Our victory depends on our soldiers at the first place. And secondly, on the economic growth.”

It is reported that the Chamber of Commerce has simplified the conditions for issuing certificates in case of force majeure. In addition, the CCI is launching the International Commercial Arbitration Court.

The CCI works with foreign partners: Poland, Germany, France and other countries: “We urge the business of these countries to stop economic cooperation / business cooperation with Russia.”

Gennadiy Chizhikov spoke about the issues of improving the conditions for doing business and the adopted laws. “There are still many issues that we are working on together, submitting proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers, the Office of the President of Ukraine.”