The humanitarian situation in the city of Trostyanets is difficult. The city is occupied and looted. Russian looters took everything from pharmacies, shops and ATMs.

“People are not allowed to walk on the street, the emergency medical station was blocked, the cars of the funeral service were destroyed.”

The city of Lebedyn is left without electricity and water. It is blocked, it is impossible to deliver food there.

“Bombs are being dropped on residential neighborhoods, on all critical infrastructure, on food warehouses, pig farms, warehouses with building materials, so that people cannot insert windows and rebuild some homes after the shelling.”

Almost all cities are under the siege. Before the green corridors, medicines and other humid aids had to be smuggled through the forests: “These were separate special delivery operations, for example, the delivery of components for hemodialysis equipment…”.

“Risking their lives, drivers and volunteers bring the necessary resources for the region, but this is not enough. Of course, these are medicines, bulletproof vests, helmets… »

We require the following aid:

  • thermal imagers;
  • medicines and medical equipment (systems for drips, painkillers, sedatives, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, etc.).
  • personal hygiene products;
  • all related to insulin-dependent people, people with oncology and cardiovascular disease.