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About IAHU

International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians (IAHU) is an association of business clubs, charitable foundations, public organizations, the Ukrainian diaspora, the media, information holdings, legal entities, companies and corporations from 72 countries. Today the headquarters have about 400 members.

IAHU was established on the initiative of the following organizations: Business Woman Club, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, TPU – Society of Friends of Ukraine (TPU – Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Ukrainy) in Warsaw, directors of the international magazine Business Woman in Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Canada, representatives of the CCI of Ukraine in 78 countries.

The headquarters was created for rapid response and aid for Ukrainians in the following areas:

1. Information coverage of the realities of the war in Ukraine, interaction with international media.

2. Consulting and organization of assistance with logistics, accommodation and welfare for refugees.

3. Organization of humanitarian aid to doctors, military personnel, refugees from around the world in Ukraine and abroad.

Today, IAHU has 8 working groups working in the following fields of activity: Information and Communication, Logistics and Transfer, Humanitarian Aid to Refugees and the Military, Working with Refugees, Psychological Assistance, Legal Support, Repatriation of Ukrainians, Restoration of Ukraine (the last 2 groups will start working when the war ends).

The total number of received and processed proposals from foreign partners (consultation on receipt and delivery procedures, coordination on request) – 167 (as of 03/17/2022).

The total number of received trucks, the International Headquarters helped to deliver is 85 cars (up to 1,900 tons in total).

A total of 42 countries have provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine: Germany, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Estonia, Denmark, Georgia, Portugal, Moldova, Mongolia, Cyprus, Belgium, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Turkey, France, Azerbaijan.

Humanitarian aid from Canada, the United States, and re-deliveries from countries that regularly deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine is expected in the near future.

Assisting organizations: international foundations, private organizations, government agencies, diplomatic missions, the Ukrainian diaspora, representatives of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry abroad, business clubs, rotary clubs, etc.

List of humanitarian aid: food, water, medicines and bandages, medicines and preparations, medical equipment and means for care of the wounded and sick, means of technical rehabilitation, personal hygiene, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, dry toilets, powerbanks, thermal underwear, disposable tableware, toys, clothes, shoes, etc. Ammunition – 1 delivery.

IAHU has 5 logistics warehouses: 2 in Europe (Slovakia and Poland), 3 in Ukraine (Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv). An algorithm for receiving and providing humanitarian aid, the procedure for crossing the border and registration of humanitarian aid has been developed; templates of agreements on humanitarian aid, logistics organization, etc. were established. Accordingly, there are 5 bank accounts, that provide weekly reports.

Humanitarian aid was delivered to the following areas of Ukraine – 17 regions and the capital (50 regional requests were processed): Sumy, Kharkiv, Kyiv (city and region) Chernihiv, Khmelnytsky, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Ternopil, Kirovohrad, Lviv, Luhansk, Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia Mykolayiv, Donetsk, Volyn, Rivne.

We have received inquiries from the Army, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

A request has been processed from the Ministry of Health, and logistics was organized.

Organizations that requested assistance: the Army, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Regional State Administrations, Territorial Defense of various cities, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, district councils, hromadas, Charitable foundations and refugee organizations, hospitals, city ​​humanitarian headquarters, etc.

Total requests received: 72

During the last 2 weeks (from 28.02 to 15.03), the International Headquarters for Assistance to Ukrainians have transferred the following goods:

● The Army of Ukraine

● Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital

● Poltava Regional Clinical Hospital

● Rivne Regional Clinical Hospital

● Doctors from Vinnytsia

● Ivano-Frankivsk Clinical Cardiology Center of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council

● Yaremche City Council of Ivano-Frankivsk Region

● Bila Tserkva City Council

● Ternopil National University named after Grobachevsky 

● State Border Guard Service “Sanatorium Morshyn – Prykordonnyk”

● Lviv Military Hospital

● Khmelnytsk Humanitarian Headquarters

● Sumy Regional Military-Civil Administration

● Frontlines of Okhtyrka and Lebedyn

● Chernihiv Regional Military-Civil Administration

● Kharkiv Regional Military-Civil Administration

● Kharkiv City Council

● Charitable Foundation of Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region

● Boryslav Humanitarian Aid Headquarters

● Voznesensky district hospital

● Kryvyi Rih City Council

● Volyn Humanitarian Aid Headquarters – Charitable Foundation “Igor Palitsa Foundation “Tilky razom”

● Belogorod Territorial Defense

● Ivano-Frankivsk Community, Lyceum # 7 of the City Council – Refugee Assistance Center of 

Kyiv region

● Territorial defense of Obolon district

● 129th Battalion (Kyiv)

● Territorial defense of Darnytskyi district

● Kyiv Regional Hospital

● Kyiv Military Hospital

● Borodyanka Clinical Hospital

● Humanitarian Headquarters of Bucha and Gostomel (recipient Mr. Kotlyar)

● Kyiv Perinatal Center

● 72nd Battalion, Ukrainka

● National Guard of Kyiv

● Irpin Territorial Defense

The cargoes with humanitarian will arrive on March 16,

● The ACC of the SSU in Rivne region

● Kirovohrad military-civil administration

● Zhytomyr military-civil administration

● Avdiivka City military-civil administration (Donetsk region)

● Severodonetsk military-civil administration (Luhansk region)

● Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mechnykov

Requests are being finalized

● The Nikolaev military-civil administration

● Ministry of Health of Ukraine

All-Ukrainian and foreign coordinators ensure the work of each of the areas of the Headquarters and coordinate it with the administrative staff.

The IAHU Legal Group advises organizations in foreign countries and assists with cargo issues in the legal sector. This group has developed a bilingual agreement (in Ukrainian and English) on the temporary stay of people abroad. The document confirms the human right to stay in certain living conditions for the specified period.

It was possible to coordinate settlements and assistance for 5382 people.

The headquarters forms an extensive information system: about 20-25 materials are distributed daily in more than 130 countries. Information for the materials is provided by the heads of the Headquarters offices from each country (Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Canada, Moldova, Romania, etc.), the Ministry of Health, the Armed Forces, military and nuclear experts.

Every 2 days there is an online meeting of the International Staff, where team leaders report on the activities of their areas. The information group reports daily. The meetings are attended by representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, deputy ministers and / or heads of departments of humanitarian and international affairs, who share the achievements of the government.

The administrative staff of the IAHU meets daily to make key strategic decisions, identify priority needs, and focus their efforts. The headquarters work directly in cooperation with the Army in terms of aid transfer. Much attention is paid to medicines that arrive in large loads from different countries (7-8 trucks daily) that is being sent to hospitals, military hospitals and the Ministry of Health with the help of humanitarian and logistics groups.

There is also a hotline from which requests are redirected to a specific country according to human needs.

In addition, with the support of the International Relief Fund, a chatbot is being developed to help Ukrainian refugees find help, socialize and adapt to life in the new country.

MSDU supports many actions, rallies in different countries and covers it on its information portals / partner resources. The headquarters is currently working to create an information army of more than 10,000 journalists and media outlets who will spread the truth about Ukraine. A separate subgroup is working on the accumulation of funds for the production of ammunition.

The head of the Moscow State University is the president of the International Closed Women’s Business Club “Business Woman Club” and the initiator of the global environmental initiative “Greening of the Planet” Anna Krysiuk. At her invitation, representatives of 72 countries, chiefs of staff, regional coordinators, heads of administrations, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, ministers and deputy ministers, representatives of the government not only of Ukraine but also of foreign countries joined the cooperation.

The co-initiator of the establishment of the Moscow State University is the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine Gennady Chizhikov. Representatives of the CCI around the world provided an opportunity to scale the search for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

The administrative staff of the International assistance headquarters for Ukrainians includes:

Anica Djamic, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Croatia to Ukraine; Dragica Ponorac, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Montenegro to Ukraine; Oleksandr Yarema, Coordinator of Cooperation with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; Dmytro Lubinets, People’s Deputy of Ukraine; Maria Mezentseva, People’s Deputy of Ukraine; Yulia Bychay, Head of the Information and Communication Support Staff Group; Iryna Zelenina, Head of the Logistics and Transfer Staff Group; Anna Lyubima, Head of the Humanitarian Refugee and Military Staff Headquarters; Tetyana Rozvadovska, Head of the Refugee Staff Group; Olena Kobets, Head of the Legal Support Headquarters Group; Anna Davydenko, Head of the Psychological Assistance Staff Group; Denis Bohush, Military Expert; Kateryna Pavlova, Expert on Nuclear Energy, Yuriy Lysyuk, Coordinator of Cooperation with the Border Guard Service of Ukraine; Olga Semanchakova, Coordinator in Slovakia; Veronika-Olena Marchuk, coordinator in Poland; Nadiya Yashan, Coordinator in Canada; Oksana Schoorlemmer, Coordinator in Germany; Valentina Marjinashvili, coordinator in Georgia; Alina Skomorokhova, coordinator in Khmelnytsky city (Ukraine); Oleksiy Shepetko, Collection, processing and processing of Headquarters databases; Yana Konyok, Headquarters Hotline Coordinator, etc.

All the resources of the IAHU are concentrated on our victory, support for citizens and dissemination of important messages for Ukraine.

The application form for assistance can be filled out on the official website. The humanitarian group processes the submitted application and registers it. Evacuation request.

You can send humanitarian aid by filling out a form on the website. Administrators or communication managers contact the initiators, clarify the details of the location and the logistics team directs the cargo to its destination.

Application for humanitarian aid.

Application for humanitarian aid