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Головна Сторінка » News » 04/18/2022


Prepared by Denis Bogush, military and political expert, International Headquarters for Assistance to Ukrainians

General description of the situation. Russia launched a war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022 (54th day of the war). The enemy continues to carry out preparatory measures to intensify offensive operations in eastern Ukraine to establish full control over the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Today, April 18, the fifty-fourth day of the heroic confrontation of the Ukrainian people against the Russian military invasion has begun.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are completing the creation of an offensive group in the Eastern Operational Zone. The enemy also continues to launch missile and bomb strikes on critical infrastructure of Ukraine

The enemy did not take active action in the Volyn and Polissya areas. No signs of formation of offensive groups were found. In the border areas of Belarus, the enemy conducts electronic reconnaissance. Also from the territory of Belarus the export of the damaged armored vehicles of the Russian occupiers by the railway is fixed.

In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, the enemy intensified hostilities. He continues to launch missile and bomb strikes on the city of Mariupol, including with the use of Tu-22M3 strategic bombers. The occupiers tried to carry out assault operations near the seaport and the Azovstal plant. The Russian occupiers continue shelling the settlements of Siversk and Pokrovskoye. The main efforts of the enemy were concentrated in the areas of the settlements of Lyman, Kreminna, Popasna and Rubizhne. He carried out offensive operations in the Severodonetsk, Popasna and Zaporizhia directions. The enemy tried unsuccessfully to gain a foothold in the areas of Kreminna and Rubizhne. He carried out assault operations in the areas of Novotoshkivske, Popasna, Avdiivka and Marinka. He was also unsuccessful.

In the South Bug direction, the enemy focuses its main efforts on maintaining its positions, and continues to exert fire on the positions of our troops in the directions of Mykolayiv and Oleksandrivka. It is expected that the enemy will continue to fight to reach the administrative borders of the Kherson region. In total, 87 battalion tactical groups of the enemy were involved in the implementation of combat missions on the territory of Ukraine. In the area of the settlement of Vasylivka, Zaporizhia region, it was noted that the enemy, probably for provocations, draws the letters Z on the equipment and sets Ukrainian flags. In addition, the Russian aggressors continue to prepare for an illegal referendum on the proclamation of the so- called Kherson People’s Republic. To falsify its results, it is planned to use personal data of residents of the region, which are collected by the occupiers during the issuance of so-called humanitarian aid. Residents are also spreading information that after the announcement of the results of the pseudo-referendum, their “mobilization” into the ranks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation will begin.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the Russian occupiers continue to partially blockade Kharkiv and try to carry out fire damage to units of our troops. In order to expand the bridgehead on the left bank of the Seversky Donets River and create conditions for the rapid deployment of

troops, the enemy conducted reconnaissance by fighting in the areas of the settlements of Zavody, Dmytrivka and Dibrovne. He was unsuccessful, lost and left.

In the Seversky direction (Chernihiv) the enemy carries out the strengthened control of sites of border. Engineering equipment of positions in the areas of checkpoints and in the border areas of Bryansk and Kursk regions of the Russian Federation continues. The involvement of sabotage and reconnaissance groups and missile strikes from Russia is not ruled out.

During the training activities before the deployment of units to participate in the war with Ukraine at the training grounds in Russia, there were more than 50 cases where personnel left the camps without permission.

Russian troops from the Belgorod region staged a riot, refusing to continue the war against Ukraine. The personnel of 200 separate motorized infantry brigades (unit 08275) have already fought in Ukraine and do not want to do more.

Losses of military personnel and military equipment of the RF Armed Forces

  • Military personnel – about 20,600 people,
  • tanks – 790 units,
  • armored combat vehicles – 2041 units,
  • artillery systems – 381 units,
  • Missile systems of volley fire – 130 units,
  • means of air defense – 67 units,
  • aircraft – 167 units,
  • helicopters – 147 units,
  • automotive equipment – 1487 units,
  • ships / boats – 8 units,

The Deputy Commander of the 8th Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Major General Vladimir Frolov, was buried in the Seraphim Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

In Mariupol, more than 100,000 civilians are on the verge of starvation.

Russian invaders fired on a group of teenagers in the village of Gavrylivka, Kherson Oblast. As a result, a 15-year-old boy died of his injuries.